Super Snow Day

Super Snow Day9780525422457_p0_v1_s260x420Super Snow Day

Michael Garland, Author and Illustrator

Dutton Children’s Books, Fiction, 2010

Suitable for Ages: 3-8

Themes:  Snowy Day, Winter activities, Seek and Find

Opening/SynopsisTommy was about to eat his breakfast when he heard the TV news lady say, “The schools are closed!  It’s a snow day!”  Tommy looked into his cereal bowl and saw a note from his Aunt Jeanne.  “Take a look out the window!/This is more than a flurry./You have time on your hands now,/And not one single worry.”  Tommy hurries outside to shovel the walk before he plays in the snow.  In his shovel he finds another message from Aunt Jeanne telling him to head towards town when he finishes.  He happily straps on his snow shoes and makes his way towards town where the streets are filled with children playing and parents pulling kids on sleds.  As he heads to the town square he finds people making gigantic snow sculptures and ice castle.  Outside of town there is  ice fishing, ice boat racing, sleigh rides, bobsled racing and many more surprises.

Snow Day12-13

Why I like this book:  Author and illustrator Michael Garland has written and illustrated a magical snow day book that teaches kids about many fun and unusual winter sports and the world of hibernating animals.   His computer-generated  illustrations are bold, colorful, and engaging.   Super Snow Day is one of Garland’s popular Seek and Find books.  Each illustration is filled with hundreds of hidden snow items.  With a lot of snow this winter, Super Snow Day will have great kid appeal.   Young children will find it a great snowy day story and enjoy looking at the eye-popping illustrations.  Older children will be entertained with searching for all the winter sport symbols, song and book titles, animal tracks, foreign words for “snow,” and counting all the snowflakes on the cover and inside the book.   Make sure you have a pad of paper and pencil, because this book is one big puzzle!  Visit Michael Garland  and all of his picture books at his website.

Super Snow14-15

Resources:  The book is a resource of fun activities for even the young at heart.  But, enjoy the snow with your children/grandchildren and take them outside to search for animal tracks in the snow.  Make snow angels.  Go sledding, skiing or ice skating.  Build a snow fort or snowman.  And don’t forget about making snow ice cream.  Here’s a recipe.

Super Snow28-29

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59 thoughts on “Super Snow Day

  1. What a magical book, Pat. Full of activities, a great read and such beautiful pictures to pour over. Michael Garland, sure knows how to capture a moment and also to have us spell-bound by his beautiful work. And, you provided “snow ice cream as well.” Oh my! I never heard of it. I wonder if I can sneak some man-made snow from the snow planet here, so I can have a go at making the recipe (to eat). Could do with something cool with a hot summers weekend ahead. What fun! Thank you for sharing.


    • Diane, it’s snowing…it’s snowing today in Ohio. A winter wonderland – but cold. Perfect day to share Michael Garland’s Super Snow Day with the east coast. The book and illustrations are magical and will entertain kids for hours. You can make snow ice cream out of shaved ice from your icemaker. Has your summer weather in NZ been as turbulent as in Austraila? Glad you liked the book.


  2. Love the art work! So good for people to teach their children to work with and play with the weather instead of always complaining about it! People do that a lot in England…complain about the weather!


    • Niamh, with a snowy winter day, it was the perfect book for the midwest to east coast. I love Garland’s illustrations and he was gracious enough to let me share a few in my review. The book is packed with fun winter activities. Thanks for sharing on twitter.


    • Joanna, it is a snowy day today. It will move to the east coast tonight. The book is children, but also the young at heart who love snow and the myriad of winte activites. Would have loved this book as a child! You would appreciate the woodland scences showing animals hibernating, or making tracks in the snow.


  3. Fun book, especially the pictures. My Mom used to make snow ice cream for us all the time. No sweetened condensed milk or anything fancy like in the DELICIOUS recipes listed. Ours was just snow, Nestle’s Quick, and eat it fast!


  4. Patricia – what a beautiful pick – and so apropos! I love Michael Garland’s art – have been following him for some time. His illustrations always have such an energy to them, like you are right in the picture. I am in awe of his talent. Thanks for sharing.


  5. The idea of a snow day book in my opinion is nothing special. However, the art in the samples you have provided is blowing me away. It’s incredible and I think is the TRUE selling point for this book.


  6. Well there’s just everything to love about this book, Pat! I love Michael Garland’s work, I love puzzles and seek-and-finds, and a story that illuminates so many fun winter activities and hibernating animals is just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


    • And, we have a snowy day today — you may get tonight. This book will be a winner with kids. I know you love his work. This one is perfect for our PPB list. A great book to hand kids when they are stuck inside the house too. I just loved the illustrations!


      • Catherine, it’s such a great topic for a kids book. And, whether pros or poetry, I’m sure it will be good. Glad you didn’t pitch it! 🙂 And thank you for sharing my reiview on twitter. I need to get better at using it.


    • Erik, what Michael tried to accomplish was showing the wide variety of snow activities — the polar punge I couldn’t resist. No way I would do it, but it is popular worldwide. I think you and Joise would have great fun with this book — takes two to find all of the hidden objects. You’d love the illustrations! The snow has almost ended here. You’ll see it later today.


    • Cathy, I’m sure Garland will appreciate your comments. As you can tell I’m a fan of his stunning illustrations and great kid books. You should peek at his gallery — he’s a wonderful artist too. It’s on his website.


  7. I have always been fascinated by snow, probably because we don’t get it here :-)! And that is probably why Ive never heard of snow ice cream! Sounds fun!


    • Kirsten, I’m glad you enjoyed Super Snow Day! So many things can be done with his book, even if it’s curling up and reading it in a warm house. Today turned out to be the perfect day to share it where I live as schools were closed for snow.


  8. What a cute book. And appropriate! We missed three days of school this week! I read “What Snowmen do at Night” to my son’s class last week. It was a big hit. I might have to find this one, too.


      • I had the MLK book to share today, but then I forgot to go! It’s been a crazy week with all those snowdays. I was busy catching up homeschool. She told me to bring it next week as they’re doing a lot with Black history month.


  9. The illustrations here are really enjoyable. I’m currently tutoring a Korean boy who can’t read too many English words but loves poring over pictures. I’ll try to find a copy of this from my library. Thanks for sharing this, Pat!

    Also, I’m starting a blog button collection over at my website and would love to add yours (if you have one and wouldn’t mind, of course). If you’re keen, please let me know!

    Thanks, and have a great weekend, Pat!


    • Claudine, I hope you find a copy of Super Snow Day — I think your Korean student would enjoy it. The pictures will tell the story. And you can help him locate items hidden on the pages. The book is very interactive.

      Sure, I’d like to be included. But, I embarassed to say I don’t know what a blog button is. So must not have one.:)


  10. Oh Pat…I love this story…lots of snowy days coming this winter…what a perfect book for parents to read with their kids! One of my 12×12 drafts last year was a snow book…thanks for tweaking my memory…I’ll have to go and dust it off.:)


  11. This book looks like a fun snow day. Our neighborhood was disappointed we didn’t get one of those this week. That poor blue kid in the water. Brrrrr.


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