Horatio Humble Beats the Big “D”

Horatio Humble Beats the Big “D”

Margot Finke, author

Ellen Gurak, illustrator

Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., 2010, Fiction

Suitable for:  Ages 5-10

Themes:  Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Differences

Opening/Synopsis:  “When Horatio Humble read words out loud/There were snorts and giggles from the classroom crowd./The teacher would frown and say, “‘Tut, tut!’  And Horatio’s mouth would close –tight and shut.”  Horatio is a bright student.  He gets A’s in Math and in History.   English and reading are a challenge.  He wants to read books, “But something was wonky within his poor head, so words in his books stayed a mystery instead.”   He and his parents meet with the teacher and Horatio learns he has dyslexia.  Horatio is told that he will attend a special class.  He is upset!  “Special class is for nitwits,” he whined.  “Every one of my friends will think that I’m dumb!”  After working with a teacher things begin to look brighter for Horatio.

Why I like this book:  First of all, Margot Finke beautifully wrote this book in rhyme.  The book is simple, compassionate and packed with hope.   Ellen Gurak’s bold and colorful illustrations are engaging  and show Horatio overcoming adversity.  This book should be in every school library.   It is fun and upbeat.  You can visit Margot Finke by clicking on her website.    She wrote a grade school rhyming book for dyslexic children

Resources:  There is a helpful parent-teacher guide included at the end.   Margot Finke also wrote a grade school rhyming book for dyslexic children.  If dyslexia is caught early it can be overcome according to the Mayo Clinic.  Did you know that Oprah, Bill Gates and Daniel Radcliffe had dyslexia?  To learn more about dyslexia contact the International Dyslexia Association and The Dyslexia Foundation.

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