The Red Kite – Spring Contest

Author Susanna Leonard Hill is sponsoring a children’s writing contest, in poetry or prose, about “Spring.”  There is a maximum number of 350 words.  And, the last line must be “[Character Name] knew spring was here at last.  Entries should be posted on your blog between Friday, March 15  and Monday, March 19.  And you post-specific link should be added to official “In Just Spring Contest” post.   My word count is 348.

The Red Kite

Tommy flapped his arms and raced up the hill near his home.  The chilly wind blew through his hair and painted his cheeks rosy.  He stopped at the top and thrust his arms towards the sky.  Tommy turned and faced four different directions.

“The wind is just right,” he yelled to his sister, Emma.  “Today is a good day to fly our kite.”

Tommy and Emma ran to the barn and pulled open the door.  Their red kite hung on a post.  They had spent two days assembling the kite frame with sticks and string.  They cut and folded the paper, stretched it over the frame and glued the sides.  The last thing they added was a streaming tail.

“Emma, will you hold the kite so I can attach the string?” asked Tommy.  “Okay, let’s go fly Red.”

“I c-can’t wait to see Red f-fly,” stammered Emma.

They climbed the hill and searched for the perfect spot to catch a breeze.  Tommy handed the kite to Emma and showed her how to place it above her head.  He backed away letting the string slowly unwind until he felt the right amount of tension.

“When I start to run, let the kite go” he instructed Emma. “Ready?”

Emma nodded.  She felt a tug and let go.  The kite lifted into the air.  ZOOM!  ZOOM!  The kite veered to the left and to the right.   It suddenly dove into the ground.  KER-PLUNK!   Emma quickly retrieved the kite.

“It’s f-f-fine,” she called.  “Let me t-t-try.”

Scott held the kite and Emma backed away slowly.  She felt the wind between them support the kite.

“Now, let g-go,” she called to Tommy.  Emma slowly caught a waft of wind and maneuvered the kite’s ascent into the sky with her magic touch.  It rose higher and higher.  She  handed Tommy the kite string.

Tommy felt the power of the wind and the exhilaration of Red soaring amidst the backdrop of a blue sky with billowy clouds.

“We did it Emma!” exclaimed Tommy.  “Red flew.”

“Hooray,” Emma cheered.

Tommy knew spring was here at last!

happy boy flying kite

Ella Elf – Holiday Writing Contest

There is a Holiday Writing Contest on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website:

dashing through the snow

The Contest Rules:  Write a children’s holiday story beginning with any version of “Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh.”  You may use that actual opening, or you may change it to any similar version “[Verb of your choice] ing through the [any substance you choose] in a [conveyance of any kind].”  For example, “Dashing through the sand in a two-wheeled donkey cart” or  “Sloshing through the swamp in a green and white canoe” or “Flying through the air in a striped hot air balloon…”  You get the idea, I’m sure.  Your children’s story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. But is not to exceed 350 words.

Ella Elf Watch Yourself

By Patricia Tilton  (250 words)

Flying through Santa’s shop

On a mop she cast a spell,

Ella Elf must stop

Before she rings the bell;

Darting here and there

Midst dolls and candy canes,

What fun it is to ride the air

And tweak the reindeer’s manes!


Ella Elf, Ella Elf

Jingle on your way!

Naughty one you watch yourself,

Or you won’t see Santa’s sleigh!

Ella spies her mop

She mounts for one more ride,

All hear a great big pop

She falls and hurts her pride;

Toys fly from Santa’s sack

Such mischief in the air,

A Teddy bear lands on its back

There’s havoc everywhere!

Ella Elf, Ella Elf,

Jingle on your way!

Naughty one you watch yourself,

Or you won’t see Santa’s sleigh!

Chief Elf yells that’s enough

Of Ella’s pranks and games,

He struts off in a huff

But Ella shows no shame;

Ella looks around

Her eyes meet angry glares,

The other elves take Ella down

And plop her on the stairs!


Ella Elf, Ella Elf,

Jingle on your way,

Naughty one you watch yourself,

Or you won’t see Santa’s sleigh!

Santa stern and cross

Calls Ella to his side,

He lets her know who’s boss

She shrinks and tries to hide;

I’ve been a naughty elf

Not who I want to be,

Please let me show you my kind self

An elf you’ll want to see!


Ella Elf, Ella Elf,

Jingle on your way,

Naughty one you’ve proved yourself,

You’ll ride in Santa’s sleigh!