Honoring our Military Families in May

I will be honoring Military Families, the fallen and the injured, active duty and veterans, during May.   Many of you know of someone who has served, is serving or has suffered a loss.

This is a subject near to my heart, as our 20-year-old grandson, Army PFC Gregory Tilton, was a casualty of war on Thanksgiving Day 2009.  He was a boy soldier.  This month-long focus is my way of honoring and remembering Greg’s loving and gentle spirit.  The soldiers are heroes, but so are those who send their loved ones to war — the parents, spouses, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.  They are the heroes left behind to explain to children why a parent has been deployed,  who cringe when they watch the evening news, or pray they will never receive a dreaded knock-on-the-door.  They wait for phone calls, write letters and e-mails, lovingly pack care packages, support veterans in their area, advocate for groups that support our troops, and find comfort in military support groups as they wait for their loved ones to return safely from war.

Join me on May 7, as I  launch the month with an interview with NYT bestselling author, Kristin Hannah.  She has written a new book,  Home Front, a compelling and realistic portrayal of a wife and mother who is deployed to a dangerous war zone.  The book is being made into a movie.  There will be a book giveaway of  Home Front next week.

Throughout May, I will share books to help children cope with long deployments and grief.  There will be inspiring stories about homecomings with families, and helpful books for families who have suffered a great loss and are dealing with grief, disbelief and anger.  Each post will be very different as I want to include resources and information for returning soldiers, veterans and their families about wonderful support organizations, special grief camps, and deployment camps for military kids.  The material I present will not be political, but will focus on the humanitarian issues of war.