The Museum

The Museum9781419705946_p0_v1_s260x420

The Museum

Susan Verde, Author

Peter Reynolds, Illustrator

Abrams, Henry N., Inc., Mar. 12, 2013 (Release)

Suitable for Ages: 3-7

Themes:  Museums, Art Appreciation,  Creativity, Imagination

Opening“When I see a work of art, something happens in my heart.  I cannot stifle my reaction.  My body just goes into action.”

Synopsis:  A spirited girl visits a museum and is moved by the artwork she views.  Much to her delight, each painting evokes a different emotional response.  There is an unexpected encounter around every corner.  She twirls to the swirls in  Van Gogh’s Starry Night.   She strikes ballet poses, yoga postures, skips through fields of flowers and pauses to ponder Rodin’s The Thinker.  Picasso turns her mood blue and sad.  Cezanne’s apples makes her tummy rumble.  Miro’s lines and squiggles sends here into fits of giggles.  Munch’s painting evokes a shriek.   My favorite moment is when she stands before Ryman’s stark white canvas.  Puzzled and wondering if it’s a joke, she closes her eyes and imagines a beautiful creation in her own mind.  When the museum closes and it is time to leave, she comes to an important realization about the artwork.

Why I like this bookThe Museum is a creative, moving and enchanting story written in rhyme.  Debut author Susan Verde shows art as a personal and liberating experience for her inquisitive barefoot museum patron.  Peter H. Reynolds’s illustrations are lively, dramatic, whimsical, colorful and complement the narrative.  The girl dances across the pages.  A lot of teamwork went into bringing this endearing story to life.  Visit Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds at their websites.  Reynolds is the award-winning author and illustrator of The Dot, North Star and Ish.

Resources:  Both Susan and Peter hope their story inspires children to visit their local art museum and notice how art makes them feel.   Show your children pieces of famous artwork, give them a pad of  paper and encourage them to draw a picture about how a painting or sculpture makes them feel.  Check out the Educators Guide  for The Museum on Susan’s website.

Book Launch Party:  Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds will celebrate the launch of The Museum on Saturday, March 9, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at The Blue Bunny, 577 High Street, Dedham Square, Dedham, MA.   You are invited to stop by and meet them.  They will be signing the first copies of their book.

Interview Mar. 11:  On Monday, Beth Stilborn will interview Susan Verde on her blog, By Word of Beth.

Every Friday, authors and KidLit bloggers post a favorite picture book.  To see a complete listing of all the Perfect Picture Books with resources, please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Books.

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53 thoughts on “The Museum

  1. What a great idea! Such a lovely way to teach children to learn about art and engaging with it in their imagination. Patricia your recommendations are so thorough. I love your blog.


  2. Ooh I love books about impressionism and sculptures. This one sounds great. Thanks, Pat. Write a poem about it 😉


  3. Peter Reynolds; no wonder it’s so adorable. I love that this debut author partnered with him! Such a fun, rhythmic dance the words must do. Thanks for the lead on this treasure!


    • Barbara, Susan Verde wrote a beautiful story, based on a trip to the art museum with her three children. Peter’s illustrations really breathe life into the spirited museum patron. It is a treasure.


  4. What an enchanting book and a wonderful way to help encourage children into visiting art museums. Love that it helps with using your imagination, encouraging children to express their own thoughts. Lovely review, as always, Pat.


    • Cathy, this book has such a wonderful message for kids. It’s just fun! If you’re close to Dedham, I hope you go to the party tomorrow. Susan was in my Southampton class last summer, so I’ve watched this book evolve. She is truly talented and Peter’s illustrations are perfect for the book.


  5. So excited to received The Museum book that I just ordered for my little grand-son. So happy to now be a part of your blog and receive all these great recommendations! Thank you Patricia!


  6. This book looks lovely. I will definitely check it out and pass it on to my kids’ preschool teacher. They are delving into art and took a trip to the National Gallery!


    • Laura, sounds like a great book to share with you kids’ teacher! It’s wonderful they are exposing preshoolers to art at such a young age. This book would definitely be an added bonus to their trip.


    • Thank you for leaving a comment Peter. It is a wonderful book. I did mention the publication date at the top, but it is probably a good idea to mention it will be available on Tuesday.


  7. This looks adorable for children and adults. I could see so many opportunities to use this as a teacher. I love that Peter has partnered with such a talented debut author. Must tweet about this!


  8. Another fantastic title to add to the score. Thanks for all the information about the interview, the web pages and the opening launch. It makes this new contemporary picture book all the more endearing. 🙂


  9. I love this book already! I love Mr Reynolds other books and this one looks just as enticing. Bringing art to life! And doing it with Rhythm! Priceless! i must check this one out! thanks for sharing!


  10. This looks like an enchanting book for both parents and kids. I’m adding it to our list (of course we love Peter Reynolds).


  11. I am hooked after reading the opening rhyme/line. This book looks darling! I love going to art exhibits and museums and I hope my son will someday love it too. Perhaps I can get him started on the right track my reading him this book!


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  13. What a wonderful idea for a book. As a child I loved visiting the local museum. It woudl be great to inspire children to spend time at museums and art galleries though a book such as this. Sounds ideal.


    • Darlene, Susan and Peter have created an entertaining and educational book for children. I hope it encourages parents and teachers to take children to a local museum and inspires children to experience artwork in a different way. Thank you for sharing my review on Twitter.


      • I just bought a copy for my friend’s 6 year old. They are off to Paris in August and this may prepare her for visits to art galleries and museums. I know she will love it!


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